Ting-Ting, Mei, and Su are the daughters of the Emperor of China: Ting-Ting; the eldest, Mei; the middle daughter, and Su; the youngest. The princesses were meant to marry the princes of Qui Gong. Ting-Ting is the eldest daughter of the Emperor of China. Ting-Ting is the tallest and most level-headed and mature of the sisters, but is later revealed to be carefree in the end. She was the last of the three to fall in love due to her wanting to fulfill her duty. She pretended she did not like Ling she enjoyed his jokes, unlike most people but because she hates her laugh because she snorts when she laughs. She hid her face behind her fan and tried her best to avoid laughter. She only likes Ling only.

Mei is the middle daughter of the Emperor of China. Mei is medium sized compared to her two sisters and is kind, brave and gentle. She was the first of her sisters to fall in love because she was not afraid to follow her heart and also because she saw something in Chien Po that nobody else did a kind man with a gentle heart. She was kidnapped during the film but saved by Chien Po and the others.

Su is the youngest daughter of the Emperor of China. Su is the shortest of her sisters and the most childish and cheerful of the three. She is in love with Yao. Su loves to eat all kinds of foods. Su is a princess with pink dress.

In the end, the three sisters are released from their vows by The Golden Dragon of Unity (Mushu). Although the three sisters are seen kissing the guards and it is said by Mushu that "they may marry whomsoever they please..." It is assumed that they then marry.