Mushu is a fun-loving dragon who helps Mulan in her missions. He has appeared in both films.

Initially, he helped Mulan so as to get his position as a guardian for the Fa family back, but later he helped her simply because he wanted to.



Mushu does not appear until the head ancestor brings him to life. They order him to wake the Great Stone Dragon to protect Mulan. However, the plan failed. He is later seen before the training camp with Mulan. Mushu is later seen during Shang's song ("I'll make a Man Out of You"). During an event to fight Shan Yu's army, he is able to rescue Cri-Kee from the snow after the Huns are buried in the snow. During the battle with Shan Yu, he scares off the firework employees with Cri-Kee. He is able to launch a firework at Shan-Yu. He later appears during China restored back at Mulan's home.

Mulan IIEdit

In this film, Mushu acts as the protagonist/main but semi antagonist, as the real antagonist is actually Lord Quin. He is seen with the ancestors in the beginning. When Mulan and Shang are getting married, the ancestors say that Mushu's job as a guardian will be lost. Mushu tries to stop them, but it almost did work. Mushu's antics were bad, but later became good by becoming the Golden Dragon of Unity. He later rejoiced with the ancestors near the end of the film.


  • Mushu is voiced by Eddie Murphy, who voiced Donkey from the Shrek franchise. However, Murphy could not reprise his role as Mushu in the sequel, due to his work on voicing Donkey in Shrek 2.