Ling is an average height man who is funny and clumsy sometimes. Just like the other two, he was a bit mean to Mulan in the beginning of the first film but later respected her like the rest of the army and even became her friend.

In the secound film, Mulan 2, he assists Mulan, Shang, the princesses and the other two on a mission to go to Qui Gong so the princesses will get married to form an alliance with the Middle Kingdom. He later fell in love with Princess Ting-Ting.


Ling thinks he is very funny, although his companions would disagree. He is lively, funny and clumsy. It was also he who quoted "a girl worth fighting for."


Ling is medium-sized compared to the other two and is skinny. His color was yellow in the first film and blue in the secound.