Fa Zhou is Mulan's father who is very strict and also a famed war veteran. At first glance he seems like he only cares about the honor of the family and that he is quick to frustration with Mulan. He first appears putting an incense stick on the hanging dish and praying to the honorable ancestors while Mulan is seeing the matchmaker. Nothing distracts him from his prayers, even when chickens go running around in the shrine crazily to devour the chicken feed. When Chi-Fu calls him from the Fa family for military duty, he puts down the cane, stands straight and accepts his assignment scroll, not caring about his old crippled body despite his limping and visible pain. Mulan worries that he is risking his life, especially after seeing him collapse after some sword exercises. When Mulan returns in triumph of defeating Shan-Yu, she gives him Shan-Yu's sword with the blade wrapped in cloth and the crest of the emperor; the two gifts that honor the Fa Family. On receiving these gifts, he immediately throws them down and confesses that all he ever wanted was Mulan to be happy and safe, informing her that his greatest honour is having her as a daughter. He was voiced by Soon-Tek Oh.