Fa Li is Mulan's mother. She initially stays with the dresser waiting for Mulan to come. She is furious when her daughter's hair is freckled with hay and sends her inside to clean her up. She and all the dressers help her get dressed after a bath. After they have finished beautifying Mulan, she sends her to the impatient matchmaker who then gets angry by Mulan's accidents. Fa Li consoles her after the matchmaker rejects her. During the rainy night, she weeps for her daughter who runs away with Khan the horse, and her husband Fa Zhou consoles her while watching over her at the same time. According to her second film, the only child she likes is Sha-Ron (a faux-Chinese version of the name Sharon), a little girl who wears a lavender outfit and ox-horns. She was voiced by Freda Foh Shen.