Cri-Kee is a cricket that appears in Mulan. In the beginning, he was picked (most likely randomly) by Mulan's grandmother as a "lucky cricket". During the time Mulan went to the matchmaker, Cri-Kee got out of his wooden cage and first started hopping around, as Mulan was scrambling to get him back. He then jumped into the poured tea that the Matchmaker was going to drink, and got Mulan in trouble for that too. He is most likely the reason why Mulan failed.

Throughout the movie, he has been shown to be able to write Chinese, as seen when he wrote the fake letter. He has also been shown to be slightly lucky, as he did survive the explosion in both the palace and the mountains.

Near the end of the film, Cri-Kee is seen playing drums.

Cri-Kee also appears in Mulan II where he is trying to prevent Mushu from breaking up Shang and Mulan from falling in love.