Chi Fu
Chi-Fu is a member of the Emperor's council and adviser to Li Shang who refuses to allow the recruits to join the battle against the Huns and a character of the film, but unlike any who had still always been standing before him, he does not appear to be a hero and not a throughout the film. Just because, he doesn't see his career of being the Emperor's council and the adviser to Li Shang as a good thing only, with not seeing his 2 parts of these things that were said, earlier throughout his career that he doesn't see them as bad thing. Although, that he has a hatred against women. Blue is the color he wears mostly. He gets mad when his hat is burnt. He is shown to be devoted to his job and loyal to the Emperor, but is incompetent, egotistical, pompous, vain and misogynistic, as he silences Mulan and tells Fa Zhou to teach her silence in men's presence, orders Li Shang to execute her once her secret is revealed, despite her saving everyone, and close to the film's conclusion pompously scoffs to Shang that Mulan would never be worth anything because she's a woman. At the end of the film, as the Emperor praises Mulan for defeating Shan-Yu and saving China, he tells Chi-Fu to arrange Mulan for a membership in his council. Still believing that Mulan isn't worth anything because she is a woman, Chi-Fu attempts to dissaude him from doing so by claiming that there are no more available seats in the council, but this backfires when the Emperor tells Mulan she can have Chi-Fu's job, causing him to faint, dropping his board. He does not appear in Mulan 2, but it is shown that someone strikingly similar to Chi-Fu is a royal advisor to Lord Qin of Qui Gong. He was voiced by James Hong.